For the 100th Anniversary of the Putnam City School District

the Putnam City Schools Museum has created a book to commemorate the Centennial.


The Putnam City Centennial History Books are Here!

The books are available at the Putnam City Schools Museum at NW 40th  and Grove during normal museum hours each Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm, or by mail via mail-in order (just print the form on this website and mail to us) or via Paypal. The prices are on this page.

The reception to the book has been outstanding, and the Metropolitan Library has even ordered copies for their branches. The Centennial book will also be sold at the All School Reunion Pancake Breakfast and Medallion Program as well as during special occasions.

NEW CENTENNIAL BOOK PRICES BELOW......$25.00 plus tax and postage as it applies.

Use the Paypal Donate button to pay for books, including the information above. The Paypal Donate button is on the Home Page HERE.

****Please note! To pay with Paypal, use one of the Options Numbers#  listed below to fill in the amount. Put your name and address on it for our records and/or for shipping to you. ****

Supplemental DVD included in the jacket cover of each book.

In each book cover jacket there is also included a DVD that has lists by year with alumni names of all the Graduating Classes from all three High Schools from 1924 to 2013.

On the DVDs are also included all of the Yearbook covers and Senior pictures from 1914 to 2013 by year for Putnam City School High School, Putnam City West High School and Putnam City North High School.