4101 N Grove Ave , Warr Acres,  OK  73122       Mail to: P.O. Box 561, Bethany,  OK  73008

The Putnam City Schools Museum displays historic artifacts and memorabilia of the Putnam City school district which covers much of the northwest Oklahoma City area. 

The collections contain materials dating back to the formation of the school district which was created nearly a century ago from four small rural schools in the area. The building houses several thousand items which have been donated by the school system and by former graduates, teachers and patrons of the district. Members of the public are encouraged to visit the museum and browse through the displays. There are yearbooks, Senior picture displays, photo albums from elementary classes, Letter Jackets, band uniforms and sports paraphernalia, trophies, and displays for each decade of archives  and other types of items from all the different schools in in the District. The museum is needing more items donated to the museum from all the schools and more volunteers from all schools and all years 

 The Putnam City Consolidated #1 school was the root of all the Putnam City School District’s family tree which we all belong to.

Everyone's help is needed to maintain and enrich our museum.  

All work is done by volunteers but donations are needed for utilities and upkeep, as well as buying and building displays, etc.  All of the articles and items that have been donated are much appreciated and the museum could not exist without them. To protect and display them properly, monetary donations are also needed. Monetary donations of any amount are welcomed.


For links to all of the Putnam City Schools in the District go to

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